The Noise is usually enough to cause you to take notice of a running toilet. It sounds like it’s constantly filling and you just know that it can’t be normal. You are likely wasting many gallons of water every day that it runs. Sometimes the running may seem to come and go, but that doesn’t mean it should go unchecked, and you still don’t know why your toilet is doing it or how to fix it!

The Mechanics of Your Toilet

Toilets work on gravity. When you push the lever to flush your toilet, a rubber flapper inside the back tank is lifted and allows water to run into the bowl of your toilet. When the water in the tank empties, the flapper closes and allows the tank to fill again. The tank water rises until a float closes the intake.

Common Problems

Typically, when you find yourself with a running toilet, there are a few common issues that could be causing it. The rubber flapper inside the tank is a big component. Make sure that the chain from the flush lever to the flapper isn’t too tight, keeping it slowly lifted; or too loose, allowing the chain to get underneath the flapper and allow water to escape. Also check to ensure that the flapper is in good shape – not broken or warped allowed water through. If all is well with your flapper, check the float in the tank as well to ensure it is low enough to stop the pump from filling water past the overflow pipe. Sometimes, if the float is the problem, you can bend the arm so that it stops lower. Sometimes you need to call in the professionals.

When You Can’t Seem to Figure it Out

Give us a call! Whether you’ve identified the problem or have no idea what is going on in your toilet, contact us at Paradigm Plumbing so that we can get it taken care of as quickly as possible and save you from increased water bills and frustration!

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