Plumbing leaks are typically an inconvenience for us no matter what, but do you know what the real cost of plumbing leaks is? Many people don’t know just how much a leak can cost them, and may be surprised to learn that it is more noticeable than you would think. It can be a push in the right direction to getting your leaks fixed sooner, rather than later.

The Cost of the Wasted Water

If you have a leak in your house, you know that water is being wasted. Sometimes a slow leak or drip doesn’t prompt us as easily to do something about it, though it should be just as important as a fast leak. You are losing water that you are paying for, and that can certainly add up if you let a leak go for a significant period of time. On average, a slow leak will waste about 10,000 gallons of water a year – depending on your area, this could cost between $75 and $100 on your water bill. Consider what a more vigorous leak may cost you at this rate!

The Cost of Water Damage

Paying for water that you’re wasting is not something you want to do, but paying to repair damage done by a leak is going to greatly increase that cost. Constant moisture from a leak can cause mold growth, flooring damage, and fixture damage. Needing to replace drywall due to mold can cost hundreds of dollars, and mold remediation in the home can cost up to thousands. Water tends to pool under flooring – swollen floorboards would need to be replaced and any hardwood flooring or tiles would also – running into the thousands.

Fix the Leak!

Sometimes it may be hard to recognize if you have a leak. Paying attention to your water consumption can help you gauge whether there is extra water being wasted. Many common leaks can be fixed by finding the source and tightening plumbing, installing new fixtures, or high efficiency appliances. Contact Paradigm Plumbing today to get your leaks taken care of!

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