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Water damage due to plumbing failures and freezing pipes is the second most frequently filed homeowners insurance claim.

To make matters worse, the high humidity conditions that exist after a water loss create the perfect environment for mold growth, a major source of indoor air problems. Because of this escalating insurance issue, homeowners who install the FloLogic System may qualify for a discount on their insurance premiums.

FloLogic Systems: The circuit breaker for your home plumbing system ®

The FloLogic System™ is an automatic water shutoff system designed to minimize or prevent damage caused by leaks in water supply lines and failures in plumbing system components. Unlike other systems, the FloLogic System protects the entire home from a single installation point – to help identify and stop leaks before a small mess becomes a huge problem.

The FloLogic System will detect and stop problematic amounts of water flow resulting from:

  • Ruptured washing machine hoses
  •  Leaking water heaters
  •  Cracked or improperly installed icemaker supply lines
  •  Frozen pipes
  •  Overflowing toilets
  •  Pinhole leaks in copper pipes
  •  Failures in plumbing system components
  •  Accidental water waste, such as a hose left running outside

Actuator Ball Valve Flow Sensor Control Panel

Flexible.The FloLogic System utilizes a sophisticated flow sensor coupled with an intuitive user interface to control a motor-driven ball valve. The valve and flow sensor assembly can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The FloLogic System can also be connected to any home security system, alerting the monitoring service when a leak is detected.

Reliable.The FloLogic System continuously monitors all water coming into the home and detects any unusual flow, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If water flow exceeds a preset limit, the FloLogic System automatically turns off the water and sounds an alarm at the keypad. The FloLogic System does all of this from a single point in the water main, serving as a first line of defense against water damage.

Customizable. When the residence is occupied (Home mode), the FloLogic System is preprogrammed to allow 30 minutes of uninterrupted water flow before the shutoff valve is activated. When the residence is unoccupied (Away mode), the FloLogic System allows 30 seconds of uninterrupted water flow. Settings for both modes can be easily changed to correspond with the homeowner’s personal water use patterns.

Standard System Features

  • Full-port, low-lead, bronze ball valve construction
  •  Valve physical attributes: 12 5/8” long x 5” deep x 10 3/4” high; 10.25 lbs.
  •  Valve can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments
  •  System features an integrated manual override
  •  Valve is equipped with 1” FIP fittings and can be easily adapted to 1/2” or 3/4” connections
  •  Compatible with copper, polybutylene, CPVC, PEX and other domestic water pipe systems
  •  Flow sensor is capable of detecting water flow at less than 2 ounces per minute
  •  Battery backup is designed to power the System for up to one week
  •  Seats and seals are EDPM and PTFE
  •  Valve and control panel housings are manufactured with a UL-listed ABS plastic
  •  Control panel has alphanumeric LCD display and soft-touch silicone keypad
  •  Communication cable (50 feet) between valve and control panel is UL-listed; 100-foot cable is also available for purchase
  •  Pressure rated at 250 psi at 73.4° F (23° C)
  •  Maximum designed working pressure is 100 psi
  •  Powered by 120 VAC reduced to 13.8 VDC with UL-listed Class II power supply
  •  Five-year warranty on primary flow path components and one-year warranty on electronics


  • Popular Science honored the FloLogic System with the “Best of What’s New” award, which recognizes the 100 best achievements in science and technology each year.
  • The FloLogic System was selected in 2001 by the editors of Handy Magazine to receive one of the inaugural Handy Innovation Awards.
  • In 2001, the FloLogic System was featured in Fortune Small Businessmagazine’s annual “Big Idea Issue”
  • Listed as one of the “Top 100 Products” (#55) by Building Products Magazine.

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