During shower repair in Riviera Beach, our technicians will assess the shower for potential problems. Our licensed plumbers are the best in the business. We always alert homeowners to problems or concerns that we see in their plumbing to help them avoid messy and costly issues later. We’ll talk about solutions based on your budget too, and help you find the best way to repair your shower whether it’s a new shower head system or a pipe that needs to be replaced.

Kinds of Shower Repairs

Leaky Faucet or Shower Head

The easiest repair in the bathroom is a leaky faucet, and it still requires a professional who will remove the faucet fixture and shower head to replace them with brand new ones. There is soldering involved in replacing a shower head system along with the tub faucet. Often, parts of the wall will need to be opened to inspect the pipes and install the new shower head. We’ll never proceed with a repair without the customer’s consent. We always make sure our customers are comfortable with our repairs.

Drain Issues

Whether it’s a clogged drain, slow draining problem or a backup in the drain, our technicians will respond quickly to efficiently repair any drainage issues. In some cases, the drain mechanism might need to be replaced completely. In other cases, the clog might involve pipes in the home. We’ll assess the problem and provide solutions that will have your bathroom back to normal quickly.

Leaking Pipes

Leaks pose a threat to the structure of the home. Leaking pipes can be hidden in the walls. It’s important that these types of problems are addressed as soon as they become noticeable. The homeowner might not notice water leaking, but a problem with low water flow can indicate a pipe leak hidden behind the walls.

Hot Water Problems

Shower problems like not enough hot water or water pressure might be traced back to the hot water heater. We can inspect a shower problem and pinpoint the exact repair that’s needed to bring the shower back to being a fully functioning space in your home. Shower repair in Riviera Beach can extend throughout the home. We’re qualified and prepared to fix your shower, no matter where it leads.

Shower and bathroom plumbing problems can lead to water damage and large issues if they are not addressed immediately. It can lead to water waste and higher than normal water bills. Shower repair might involve something more serious than a simple leaking faucet too. Our plumbers can assess a problem and suggest the proper repair.

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