Garbage Disposal Repair

From our years of experience serving customers throughout the Riviera Beach area, we know that one of the hardest working pieces of equipment in your kitchen is your garbage disposal. That’s why garbage disposal repair in Riviera Beach is one of Paradigm Plumbing’s most often requested services and why we train our technicians in all of the latest technology regarding garbage disposal equipment repair in order to save our customers time and money.

People often take their hard-working garbage disposal for granted until they start hearing funny noises coming from this equipment but not the familiar grinding action. Or customers often are surprised when they turn on the operating switch and absolutely nothing happens. If you’re faced with either situation, it’s a sign that you need to contact the professionals at Paradigm Plumbing as soon as possible. Your garbage disposal may have become inoperable due to a jammed flywheel or a foreign object other than food debris stuck in the wrong place. The unit’s motor may have become damaged or worn or you may be facing some sort of electrical problem that won’t allow the garbage disposal to do its job properly. In any event, it’s never a smart idea to start tinkering with this piece of equipment or go so far as to place your hand down inside the unit because this can result in severe injury.

Homeowners who need garbage disposal repair in Riviera Beach have come to trust the expert technicians at Paradigm Plumbing. We promise to answer your call 24/7 and dispatch a repair technician to your location as quickly as possible so that disruption to your normal daily routine is minimal. We also guarantee that the technician we send will be experienced at solving a wide range of garbage disposal issues.

Our technician can uncover the source of the problem in a short amount of time and present you with solutions for fixing your garbage disposal at competitive prices. If your unit has reached a certain age and our technician feels that it is beyond repair, Paradigm can recommend the best replacement garbage disposal to meet your needs and your budget. We’re also experienced at installing new units so you are back in business cleaning up your kitchen food debris in record time.

Hundreds of customers have relied on our professional services for garbage disposal repair in Riviera Beach because Paradigm responds quickly and gets the job done at a reasonable cost. So the next time your garbage disposal quits working or starts making that funny noise, don’t even think of reaching your hand down into the disposal chamber. Reach instead for your phone and call Paradigm Plumbing for fast and efficient service, all backed by our guarantee of satisfaction!

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