In the past, faucets were chosen for utility than style. The trend is changing fast. Now, bathroom décor gets completed with a faucet that is stylized and modern. They complete the look of any modern day bathroom or kitchen. When installing a faucet for your new home, or simply going for a renovation, there are a number of faucets you can consider.
For a look that is vintage and classic, go for the Old World faucet. They are darker in color and give a rustic touch to your bathroom and kitchen.
Pull out faucets are convenient as they can be pulled out by the metal hose. They can be seen in most of the modern kitchens, especially the ones having two sinks.
Industrial faucets are sleek and trendy, and can be increasingly seen installed in most of the houses. They are installed high up, therefore easily accommodating piles of dishes.
More in fashion are the geometric contemporary faucets, giving homeowners choice form a variety of designs to suit the modern sinks.
If you want to go high on technology, and effectively conserve water, hands-free faucets are the ones to opt for. They are activated by a simple touch or are infrared sensitive, and thus help saving water. The taps do not have to be manually opened, and this solves the germs problem for hygiene conscious users. It does not get any better than that.
Chose a style and design that catches your fancy, and is also effective. Always contact a professional plumber for consultation and proper installation.
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