One of the worst nightmares you can face in an emergency plumbing situation is a toilet that won’t flush. There are a few things you can try to get out of that unwanted situation. The exact nature of the problem needs to be identified. Only when the precise nature is identified, then only a remedy could be effectively applied. Take a deep breath and try to work out the exact nature of the problem. Please note that it is important to be equipped with the necessary safety tools before you get on with the rescue work.

If your waste is not flushing at all, it is probably a case of a blocked toilet. This is a problem that could be remedied by a little effort. Get hold of thick rubber gloves and a plunger. Apply some pressure while plunging to remove anything that might be blocking the flow of water.

If the water goes down in swirls but doesn’t flow out, then the pores could have been clogged. Inside the rim of the toilet bowl is a siphon hole. Look for the hole and keep a spatula or any pointed object handy. Once the hole is located, you can gently scrap off any grime or deposits that might be blocking the flow. Just take care that you don’t damage the porcelain. After scraping of any slime or dirt, try flushing and see if the blockage has cleared.

If the toilet handle doesn’t flush, then there might be a problem with the syphon located inside the tank. You can purchase new set of hardware from any retail store in Palm Beach Gardens. To assemble the new parts, cut off the water supply to the tank, drain it down and dismantle the toilet. Fit the new parts, re-assemble the toilet and restore the water supply. Locate the valve behind the toilet and check for any water leaks. Flush the toilet several times to see if it’s working properly.

After these initial efforts, if the problem persists, you don’t need to panic. Get the best hands on board. Trust the ever-diligent team at Paradigm Plumbing as we bring you years of experience with emergency plumbing services (residential and commercial) in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, Palm Beach Gardens and Riviera Beach. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency service is available. Call 561-776-5604 24/7 for a service that stands matchless!

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