Bathroom - Riviera Beach FLI started my career in the summer of 1978, with a summer job digging ditches for a company in Fort Pierce, Florida. I was 15 years old and I did not finish high school. My thoughts were if I was going to be a plumber, I was going to be the best I could be. In my third year, I was given a supervisory job, running a crew of 26 men. I accomplished passing my journeyman’s test and acquiring my journeyman’s license in my fifth year.

I continued as a plumber for several years moving to only 6 different companies in the past thirty years. I worked as an apprentice, plumber, lead plumber, field supervisor, to vice president of a company for 7 years. I have had the privilege to govern as many as 95 men at one time over 4 different office locations. I passed my state plumbing contractors test in 1998. I was very proud of this accomplishment, I passed this 19-hour test on the first attempt.

The Customer is Always Right

I started Paradigm Plumbing, inc. in May 1 2001, I felt the need to start my own company since the company I was managing was purchased by a national company. Once the purchase was complete, big business was here. The philosophies I built the company on didn’t matter any longer. Philosophies such as the customer is always right. Do right by your customers and they will be happy about the service they have received. Treating all of your customers fair and with respect. They actually copyrighted the phrase” The Gentleman Plumber” based on my actions and philosophies. Once the national company had taken over, the beliefs which had guided our vision, changed. It didn’t matter about the customer anymore, just the bottom line. Profit, profit, profit. This became a view which I could not enforce. If I can’t believe in what I am providing my customers, I can’t sell them on it. Well, we all have to make a living and we can’t succeed in that endeavor without profit, but we have to take care of our customers, small or large. They are number one!

This career has allowed me to work on high-rise condominiums, simple track houses, and large commercial projects to some of the most luxurious high-end homes in Palm Beach and Martin County. Custom homes which fall in Palm Beach, Admirals Cove, Jupiter Island, Loxahatchee Club, Sewall’s Point, Sailfish Point, etc… just to name a few. I have truly been blessed along this journey. Combined with my employees, we have over 50 years of experience in our community.